Can't import .csv bank statement due to date format issue

Hi there!

I have looked through similar threads but I get none the wiser. I’m obviously missing something.
First off Excel refuses to save the .csv file with comma separators so I have to open the file in text edit and replace the “;” with “,”.

I have tried setting the date cell in excel the same format as in manager before saving it as .csv.

I still get the same error. “Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime.”

When I open the file in texedit it looks ok, if I import it again to excel the date format is off slightly, but I guess that is because excel puts it in whatever is the default format when it’s imported from csv.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I had problems also. I was able to import file to excel and add a column for description which my bank did not show. Also, the date format you have appears might be a problem - mine was 05/01/2018 - but I am in Australia.

Hope this helps!

according to what i know, manager stopped importing CSV file.

I used to create CSV file with all my receipt and payments (daily expenses). and import all transactions at once. it was very easy. not its not accepting csv file.

I have tried so many different date formats without any success. I tried what you recommended (dd/mm/yyyy) and it seems to have worked.

Now I have to try it on the whole sheet to see if I have success. Thank you!

Please let us know if you find any solution

thank you

It worked once I tried the opposite date format (changed it in excel and in manager). I still can’t make the original format work, but doesn’t really matter.

I tried several different formats (but all with year first) and I couldn’t make any of them work. Once I tried dd-mm-yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy) it imported it no problem.

.csv seems to be working fine so not sure where you got the information that it’s no longer working.

The first issue was that my excel wouldn’t save .csv with “,” separators so had to do “find & replace”.

can you show me a screenshot of your first line of csv file please

Here it is. What is your issue?

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few days back when i tried , it was not working
i read in some forum that csv was creating problems so they planning to stop importing csv format.

but now its working and it makes my life easier.

so thank you

Hope you got it all sorted. I haven’t had any trouble downloading CSV file to Excel but in early days I had to get help with the date & column headings so that I could import. No trouble now - each time I download CSV to Excel I then put headings across the columns: DATE- PAYEE- DESCRIPTION- REFERENCE- AMOUNT (making sure the info is actually in description column which is what Manager uses for bank rules), highlight the Date column and change to dd/mm/yyyy and delete the last column which is the running bank balance column and not needed.