.csv importing bank statements

my present bank statements .csv files are not allowing me to change date format to the dd/mm/yyyy required by manager, and i do not have a choice to save my statement as another recognised option.
anyone help how to import this file please.

Do this in a spreadsheet. Check you spreadsheet help on how.

I did, i am using Excel but it will not allow me to save .csv with the option dd/mm/yyyy.
anyhow i used the free .csv converter earlier recommended on here, perfect except the fact all transactions come thru posted to the SUSPENSE account.

That’s the entire point of the importing process. How could your bank statement, which is all that’s represented by the .csv file, know which accounts an item of income or expense should be allocated to? You have to make that determination. Bank rules can help for easily recognizable, especially repeated, transactions. Importing the .csv file only brings in numbers. It makes no decisions.