Amount in Words in Sale Quote, Sales invoice etc

Hello All,

any one please help me to include amount in words in sales quote, sales invoice, purchase quote etc. i know html code we can do, but how can enter those code in sales quote? from where i can see the html format of sales quote, i m using free version of Manager. hope some will help me


this will be possible by a custom theme.
if you have html knowledge you can create your own custom theme. the themes use liquid coding.
if you do not have the necessary skills, then please hire someone locally to do it for you.

Also, please search the forum before posting questions. This has been addressed many times in the past.

Hi ,Lubos

I searched, nothing we can do other than liquid coding?. can you please give Total in Words field for UAE Currency also. will be great help

Rebi. Dubai

features will be added only if it is a legal requirement and not a personal choice.

In UAE that is must for all invoices from all vendors, you can check with anyone in UAE, even legal too.

please provide a link to any official government website where it states that the values should be printed in words on a document.