Need Guidance to add starting Balances of customers and Supplier

I am using Manager since 5 years, i have already been created many businesses but today i am unable to understand that how to create starting balances of customers and suppliers. Previously i have set the date and create invoices before that date. I have carefully read the guide but unable to understand the procedure. When i create an invoice by just adding the amount it goes to suspense, if add inventory or sales it shows on income. Please help me to guide by any simple process like in previous years. Thanks in advance.


@fahad, your post is not clear.

What do you mean by “just adding the amount?” Adding what amount where? Show screen shots of a customer for whom you are trying to create a starting balance. Show the Edit screens of the customer and a pre-start-date sales invoice.

This suggests you have set your reporting dates incorrectly on the Summary page.

The process is not more complex, is it simpler than before.

@Tut ‘reporting dates in summary tab’ thank you sir, i was missing this point. Thanks again