Starting balance

Hello Managers,

In version 20.8.34 starting balance is soo difficult please make it easy


What are you finding difficult? Have you read the Guide on the revised starting balance procedures: Have you read the other Guides on starting balances for customers, suppliers, employees, bank and cash accounts, inventory, and assets?

Drar @Tut

I tried but i can’t understand please explain this in pics


There are pictures in the Guides. I would only send you the same ones. What don’t you understand? Just saying something is difficult does not allow anyone to help you.

I am trying to add customer starting balance and supplier starting balance but it can show in negitive

You should load open invoices

Read these Guides:

If you want to know why something shows as negative that you believe is positive, you will need to post screen shots, including the Edit screens of the transactions.

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