Need Custom Report for Generating Customers by Higher Revenue Generating


I need help with creating a report about Customers in Sorting order of Highest Revenue generated per year, along with values generated per year. Can someone please help me.
I have zero idea about HTML or any kind of quote.


You have several tools to work with. All will probably require exporting to a spreadsheet for further manipulation.

  1. In the Sales Invoices tab, search for the year. Click the Customer heading to sort by customer. Export. This will not work if sales invoices include items that are not revenue, such as billable expenses. It will also lump taxes into the total.
  2. Do the same thing, but sort by Invoice total before exporting. Both options assume you have used sales invoices to bill your customers rather than cash receipts.
  3. From the Summary, drill down on the various income accounts. Sort by Contact. Export. This removes taxes and non-revenue items, so is probably more accurate for your purposes.



I am able to sort the invoices by value of invoice, but not by Highest revenue generating customer. There may be a customer who has given me a single large order, but another who has given me more revenue on smaller invoices. I need something which can add up all invoices for a particular customer and tell me in highest to lowest, the list of customers according to their revenue generated.


Since custom reports are almost not working, the only way to do business intelligence is to export data with the api to a database/olap and than query them.


As I said, you’ll need to export to a spreadsheet for further manipulation. But that’s only a matter of inserting some subtotals and sorting.