Sales by customer

I am sure it is blindingly obvious, but I can’t find it. How could I run a report showing total value of sales by customer for a period

I run a customer statement to determined that. It would be more prefer if we can select a particular customer name for the report we need.

@raya, are you looking for invoice totals by customer for specified period?

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Yes please…

Any new on this.

I’d love to be able to generate a report that breaks down my revenue by customer. Is that possible?

There is no pre-programmed report to do that. But viewing the Profit and Loss Statement for the desired time period, click on an income account total (in blue) you can sort the result by any column. Or you can export the listing and import it to a spreadsheet to create any kind of analysis report you like, including charts, etc.

Remember, Manager is an accounting program, not a customer analysis program. All those capabilities create a lot of bloat.

There won’t be in-built report for this but Custom reports will be able to handle this.

Although what’s really “revenue by customer”? It means different things to different people. Is it invoice totals by customer for certain date range?

A very belated thank you for these replies. Yes, I’m looking for invoice totals by customer for a certain date range. Tut’s suggestion works, but it is a little time consuming because I have a couple of different categories of income and there doesn’t seem to be a way to click on the “total income” figure — instead, I have to click on each income account, export the data and then merge it all in a spreadsheet.