Customer Report : Top paying customer

Is there a way to create a report on my customers with who is my top paying/invoiced customer through to least paid/invoiced? A sort of ranking report if you like.


Alpha company was invoiced £10,000 and paid £8,000 with 30 days
Beta company was invoiced £20,000 and paid £20,000 within 30 days
Delta company was invoiced £20,000 and paid £20,000 within 60 days

The Report would show companies listed in order with amounts:-

Rank/ Company name/ amount due / amount received

1 - Beta - £20,000 - £20,000
2 - Delta - £20,000 - £20,000
3 - Alpha - £10,000 - £8,000

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hello. A middle solution:
Since now i export invoices to tsv and after i create a pivot table on excel to group invoices per customer so i can see their turnover and number of their invoice. Is there any way inside manager to do that?

You can sort the Sales Invoices ledger by clicking on the column headings. Click again to reverse the sort order.

hey @tut yes but cant see the turnover in Sales invoices ledger

What is your definition of “turnover?” That can mean a lot of different things.

Total number of money i have make with customer No1 No2 No3

OK. That doesn’t fit any usage of “turnover” I’ve ever encountered. Turnover usually describes such things as how rapidly inventory changes over. But it’s easy enough to get the information out of Manager. Just export the sales invoice ledger, import to a spreadsheet, and sort. Add subtotals if you want. Or sort before export. But Manager won’t give you everything you, in particular, want in exactly the form you want it.

My point is that someone can always think up a new and different way of analyzing and presenting financial data. No program can possibly anticipate everyone’s desires in this respect. And even if it could, someone would want a different type font, color, or size. The data is there. Do what you want with it.