NAS File Location

Using 10.9.5 Mavericks

We would like to have 2 computers accessing the same business file on Manager (not simultaneously) by placing the data file on our NAS (Synology). How to do it?

Manager seems a very good choice to manage our "nano-business: as we call it.

We work on the same desk and would like to both be able to make entries on Manager same file, BUT NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY

We use a FileMaker in this manner for most of our business areas, and Manager COULD complete the book keeping and “take to the accountant” part of it.

Any suggestions on how to do this are welcomed.

To avoid any pitfalls and guarantee seamless operation, backup and security simply install the server edition of Manager. I understand you will be using Manager from different PCs one person at a time but the window to break something as important as your company data is simply not worth the headache it may cause.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I’ll play with the desktop version a bit first and check how we can import and export data between the FileMaker and Manager files (invoices , PO’s, Currency conversions on Partially paid Po’s and a lot of issues we have to solve before committing to a package.

Under About Manager, you can change application data path where Manager should be looking for its data. So if you point Manager to a folder on NAS device. It could work.

Keep in mind, this is not something we recommend. You might suffer from some performance issues or data corruption (especially if connecting via wifi). Server edition eliminates these issues.

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I did something similar using Google Drive

I placed the Manager datafiles in a local folder which is synced to Google Drive and i have this Google drive folder synced onto 2 Macbooks and 1 Mac mini. Working great so far

But as always, basic file integrity and concurrency best practices applies