Desktop Version: Single User Access on Mac and PC

Hi there, apologies if the answers to this are in the forum. I looked around but didn’t see it.

I have a desktop version of Manager on a PC. I would ideally like to save the data file to a Network Attached Storage (QNAP) and access that same data from either the PC or a Mac (not at the same time). Is this possible without damaging the file?

Follow-up questions:

  • I have seen threads were it seems the above would be possible but “both [computers] need to have the same version of Manager installed at all times.” Does this mean this is not possible if one computer is a PC and the other is a Mac?
    -Lastly, if the above is not possible with the desktop version, would it be possible with the server version?

Thank you!

The same can be done with the server version however most don’t as the server version can be accessed by all network devices with a web browser

Access from the PC or Mac will work as long as both have the same version number - obviously one will have the Windows edition and the other the Mac edition but you will need to keep both on the same version number

No, it does not mean that. All versions of the program are actually the same. The Mac version uses Mono to run the Windows version. There are no differences in the data file structure.

Thank you!