Myanmar Language

Hallo I am from Myanmar and providing accounting service locally, I find manager very useful for my business.

For my client, however, one issue is that when Myanmar Language is selected from Preferences, some translation is very direct and incorrect and many other word has not been completed for translation.

It would be more useful and more marketable for me, if Myanmar Language is more accurate and completed in translation.


You can join the translation team for your language and contribute as a volunteer by translating Manager the proper way. Feel free to apply.
At this moment 58% of Manager has been translated in your language so a nice job to spend your free-time.

Kind regards

See this link:

It is a volunteer job. so I gladly joint the team. However I can not edit or translate because this pop up
" You are not signed in to WebTranslateIt. Please sign in in order to translate the project “Manager”.}

why should I sign in into “webtranslateit” where in need to pay my money for translation service.

I can translate it into my own language without web assistant

Hi Seng,

I don’t know what you exactly did, but when you open the Manager website, click on the tab translations, at the bottom of that page, you’ll see the blue button “Join Translation Team”. When you press that one, the following screens are self-explanatory where you can select your language and request for an invitation.
Some time later you will be invited to join the Burmese team.
I sincerely hope that you will join the international team.
Web-Translate-IT is the vehicle that is used for translations. The moment Lubos adds text to Manager an API send the text to WEB-Translate. Once the text is translated about 24-hours later the local text is updated.
Personally I see it as a sport to keep Manager for Dutch users at the 100% translation level

Kind regards,


I would like to suggest one thing, for translation, we have to use unicode font instead of non unicode font.