Language - Myanmar font

Manager does not support Myanmar font. I tried to write in Myanmar but it did not work. Can some help this problem.

Can you show screenshot what happens when you type something in Myanmar?

Generally Manager doesn’t have support for any fonts because fonts are installed on your computers and Manager will use whatever fonts are available on your computer.

Sorry for my late reply.

When I i wirte in myanmar i can only see empty square/block as shown in
photos below.
Thank you for your time

I don’t know how you are trying to make entries in a Myanmar font, @SENG. From your photo, it is obvious you have set your language preference to English. Fonts within Manager entry screens are not selectable. So I suspect the issue is a keyboard preference set on your computer, nothing to do with Manager, except that Manager is expecting English input.

Changing language won’t fix this issue.

@SENG, can you try to install Manager on a different computer to see if you experience the same problem? This looks like an issue with your fonts installed in Windows.

Thank you for your help. According to your suggestion, I think i still need to install myanmar unicode on my computer. this will solve my issue.

As Tut said I have set Language preference to Burmese, but it still does not solve my problem. is it my computer problem. can some one give me how to solve my issue.
I have attached with photo below. thanks in advance.

As @lubos asked, do you have the necessary font(s) installed on your computer?

Do you have any other computer? Try to install Manager there. This is font issue on your computer.

A quick google search indicates that you have to install Mynmar font on Windows 7 which is what your OS looks like. I would recommend that you look at these two youtube videos for instructions on installing the font as well as changing the keyboard. I think the first website is the one that I would recommend as looking like a safer website. I would not trust the second one.

Ordbok website font

zawgyi font

can somebody please help me with my Myanmar fornt on window 10. when i type in myanmar it shows in a small box first and after i type “space” or “enter”, everything what i typed show on the paper. how can i remove that small box?

what paper are you talking about? do you mean the transaction entry form or when viewing the transaction?

Can you post a screen shot of what you are describing, @Glad_Stone?

i mean that small box. it shows whenever i type in Myanmar.

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