What font is used for (Burmese) , and We want to help chaging Myanmar Font


We are from Myanmar (Burma), i want to know what font is used for (Burmese) Language.
Manager IO is not charging so much, and very helpful for small & medium business. I like the intention of developing the program.
we want to help in translating financial & accounting term into Myanmar (Burmese)


you can join the translation team. the link is at the bottom of the below page.


thank you


Please try to ask the person who translate Myanmar, we have 2 major font system, one is Unicode and other is not. We want to knwo what font he is using for translated words.
Because we can not read the fonts that he has translated.


Users on the forum have no contact with translation team members. That is a separate process. If you apply to join the team, you will be able to communicate with necessary individuals.