Lost billing icon

Am i missing something, i am sure i had an icon i could click to produce all my manager.io receipts.
I pay monthly for the cloud edition and have some past invoices missing, how do i recover a copy of these
I do not appear to be able to get to the Invoice Portal within my emails saying i have paid my bill.

Click on the Receipts & Payments tab in the left navigation pane to see a list of all transactions involving money coming into or going out of the business. Search for “manager.io” (if that is how you’ve recorded the supplier).

[Purchase] invoices are different from receipts. Receipts record incoming money. Payments record outgoing money. No invoice would disappear unless you proactively deleted it. Likewise, no payment transaction would disappear without being deleted by someone. Because any removal requires a two-step process by you, it is permanent. There is no way to recover a deleted invoice, receipt, or payment except by importing a backup of your business from an earlier date.

There is no invoice portal within the Emails tab. Clicking on that tab will show you a list of emails you have sent from the program, not received. Are you referring to something else?

sorry you misunderstand…I mean I am missing my billing information for using the cloud version, in otherwords the bills from Manager.io

So are you saying your question is not about the program itself? Your mention of receipts conveyed a different impression. Thanks for clarifying.

exactly …i dont see where to retreive my billing information from manager.io it has disappeared.

Just go to https://www.manager.io/cloud/ then click Customer Service button.

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thanks Lubos all good now have rec email cheers