Annual cloud subscription

Dear I want to inquire. Is the subscription price deducted immediately after subscription, or is there a certain period for collecting the bill?


The transaction may not immediately appear on the list of payments transactions in your bank statement but your available (not your actual balance) balance will surely reduce. This is my experience with using my card for other payments on the internet.

To be sure your payment went through, go to Manager Cloud and click on the “Manage Subscription” button to enter your billing portal, when you finally get into your billing portal, go to the BILLING HISTORY section and click to see the list of your invoices (both successfully paid and unpaid invoices). You can click on the unpaid invoice to attempt payment is it is showing as “Unpaid”.

For the monthly plan, the payment will be collected the same day the following month. So if you subscribed today, the next collection day is 09/Oct/2021. Same applies to Annual billing, the next collection day would be 09/Oct/2022