My Backup data to G Drive

How can I save my back up directly to my Google drive?
now I am backup my data in my PC, but I want to do it to my Google drive. Is it possible? if any how?

Select your google drive when you backup your business

What exactly do you want to do? Do you want Manager to have the data files inside the Google drive folder for automatic backups after each change of the database or do you want to backup your files from the Manager data folder to a Google drive folder periodically like once a day etc?
Are you using the desktop, cloud or server version of Manager?
Did you search the forum before posting this? There are several discussions already about Google Drive…

yes- i want to Google drive folder periodically like once a day
i am using the desktop version
yes but didn’t get


Then setup Google Drive to synchronize with a folder on your hard drive (you can find help with simple Google search). Then backup your Manager files to the same folder as you set up for the Google Drive synchronization.
For automatic backups, you can create a BAT file which is then run automatically by Windows at a certain time etc.

Many Thanks