Automated backup

Would it be possible to add an automatic backup function for daily, weekly and monthly backups?

This is out of scope. Your backup software should be doing this.

Make sure to include your Application Data folder in your backup plan. This folder contains all your data. You can find the path under About Manager screen.

I understand this is out of scope for the desktop version, however I’d like to see this in the Cloud version. When it comes to something as important as all of my business information, I’d like to be able to make sure the data is 100% safe. In case of hard drive failure, fire, etc, at the location of the cloud servers.

I’d like to propose an option to setup an automated email backup, so that Manager will send a backup as an email attachment at set intervals.

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Yes. I agree that this would be a very useful function even for the server edition. Any chance this will be considered?