Multiple .manager files

I’ve used the desktop version for a long time. My data folder has accumulated numerous *.manager files with cryptic names like 8c474a5e32e3468ca96f4a5851272859.manager. Since the 17.4.0 release, do I need all of these, or only the one with the human readable business name?

Just the one(s with readable business names

There is a Guide written with your situation in mind, @jfippin: Manage application data folder contents | Manager.

The link is not working anymore. Is there a guide for this kind of problem? I am sharing the Manager file with a colleague on Google drive but we keep having issues with the syncing of the database file. And more files keep appearing. What is the 000000000…manager file anyway??

you can check this guide Manage application data folder contents | Manager

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What do you mean by sharing?

Have you moved the Application Data Folder to Google Drive? If so, then only one of you can access the file at a time without causing problems. If both of you need to work on the file at the same time, you should consider the Server edition.

You must also be careful to keep your two desktop editions of Manager on the same version. Once a data file has been called by a newer version, you cannot use it with an older version.

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Yes we access the file one at a time depending on who needs to use it. But we are now considering the server edition in order to share it with our accountant as well. Sometimes if Google drive doesn’t sync well we find ourselves with different versions of the database on our respective computers.

Thank you for the link, it helped solve a problem I was facing.

Sorry but I have another question regarding this topic.
Very often I can see that in the folder there is also another .manager file that is only 28 kb. My .manager file with all the right data is almost 10 mb. When I remove the small file, things work fine. But suddendly this 28kb .manager file is created again. It also has a long name made of random numbers and letters.
Any tip on how to get rid of this?

in the guide provided in an earlier post, everything is clearly mentioned.
if a file is automatically created, it must be a file required by Manager.

the following are the 28KB files found in the application data folder.

file with an alphanumeric name like 238097db79f84dc5a44a0c6f8aa04e6c.manager is generated or updated automatically whenever a business file is changed. This file contains information about audit trails. If deleted, this file will be automatically regenerated.

00000000000000000000000000000000.manager is an SQLite database holding a list of businesses, users, and global preferences. This file is generated automatically the first time you launch Manager and updated as businesses and users are added or removed or global preferences are changed. It contains no accounting data. If the file is deleted, the program will generate an empty version of it. Businesses can be repopulated into the file by restoring them from backup.

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All right, thank you. I missed that part, sorry.