Database files

Can someone help me locate the MANAGER Database files storage location on Windows server 2008 ?

I have downloaded the Server Edition zip file and have extracted and installed the service as per the guide.
I need to know where the database files are stored so that i can automate the daily back up through our back up software.

I have checked the AppData\Local\Manager folder but just see a 00000000000000000.manager file.

When you create a new company, it will show up here unless you have changed the path. I would recommend changing the path so that if you ever need to delete the user profile you don’t end up deleting your accounts.

Open Manager, select preferences and it should show you the application data folder location.

Under Preferences I do not see the path. It only displays:

  1. Language
  2. Number Format
  3. Date Format
  4. Time Zone

Ok someone that uses the Server version will have to advise you. I am not sure why you are not seeing the data storage location as this is where it shows up in the desktop edition.

the default path is C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Manager
instructions to change the data path will appear on the DOS window when running Manager Server.

No instructions appear while running the manager server from DOS.

please see below.

the command prompt shows you

Syntax ManagerServer.exe {options}

  • path [ directory]

so basically what you want is ManagerServer.exe - path “blah blah” to change the path

This is the only file I see here and it is just 28KB.
c:\users*****\AppData\Local\Manager\ 00000000000000000.manager.

  1. have you created any business in Manager?
    files will start appearing in the folder only after you create a business.

  2. are you the server administrator?
    if you are not, then ask the server administrator to help you with this.

server edition is meant for organizations who have trained IT professionals. if you don’t have the necessary IT skills to manage server instances, then you probably should consider using the cloud edition.

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I would concur with Sharpdrivetek on this point. If you are not an IT Technician, you will be safer with the cloud option. If you make a mistake and delete the entire accounts, you will have a serious problem especially if the backup fails for whatever reason.

The file you are looking at is only an index file. See this Guide for more information:

This guide is incorrect because the Server Manager version does not show the location of the Business Files - according to OP it only shows,

I know, but it explains what the various files are, which is why I recommended it to @Bigarm. As others have said, if someone can’t find the data file for the server edition, they should be using the cloud edition.

When you create a business a new file with random alphanumeric name .manager will appear in that folder. This is the business file you should be backuping along with the 00000000000000000.manager. For this reason usually it is more convenient to backup the whole Manager folder instead of individual files.

@novica’s advice is especially true because the alphanumeric files can be difficult to tell apart. Sometimes, Manager creates new ones without your knowledge to account for improvements in the database structure with new features. There is also an audit trail file important for the server edition that is named the same way. Memory is cheap. Back up the entire folder.

I am amazed with the answers, specially the suggestion of using the cloud service.

Where is the owner and the developer of this software ? I have paid for this accounting package. I need a clear answer please.

Where is the Database file stored ?

clear answers were already given by many users.
it is practically impossible for others to read your mind and magically find what you have done on your computer.

the server edition is initially provided as a 14-day free trial during which period you can test all the features and you are required to purchase it only after your complete satisfaction. it is never a forced outright purchase.
nowhere on the server edition page of Manager will you find it mentioned that the developer or others will setup the server for you. even the faq page clearly states that.

we are all trying to help you out here. but if you do not follow the instructions or suggestions provided, i am afraid you are on your own.

That is the only file that will show until you have actioned an “Add Business” and “Create New Business”.

0 Add Business

Once you have done the above business creation, then you will see other file names besides the 00000000 file

I have done this.
NO luck. cannot see any file other than 0000000000000000000000.manager.