Multiple Inventories, is this possible?

Hello there,

sorry for my bad english. We are a retail company from Argentina, we have 2 fisical stores and a website.

We would like to know how to handle the inventory of each store separately. We need this to have more control over each store and our website. Is this possible using Manager?

We already enabled the inventory transfer option, but when adding a new item to inventory there is not option.

Thank you in advance!

Yes, you need:

to create the two inventories under assets (and if you want the sum of the two)

when you create them, select that are controlled accounts and select that they are linked to the inventory account

Now when you buy some products you can select the two of them

Thank you for your reply! Can you explain me how can I create another inventory under the assets?

  1. You should go in settings > chart of accounts and in the balance sheet and press create new group: Name Inventories, Group Assets
  2. In the balance sheet create a new account: Name: Inventory 1 - Group: Inventories - Activate Control Account; Made up of Inventory Items
  3. Redo number 2 for all the inventories
  4. Now go under “Inventory Items” and create or edit an inventory item and you will see under control account all the BS inventories that you created.

Let me know if it worked or you need more help

Sorry, but the @Davide solution is completely wrong, to do as being suggested would mean you would have to duplicate all the inventory items for each location as a single Inventory Item can only be belong to one control account.

To handle inventory at more then one location you would activate the Inventory Location feature under Settings. Then you would use Inventory Transfer to move Inventory between locations.

If I use the Inventory Locations I only can see the movements of my Inventory, I can’t see how many products have in X inventory right now for instance. :frowning:

That improvement is coming.

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If you click on the Inventory Items “Qty” value you will get the on hand inventory status.

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Yes, I should have mentioned that. I was referring to a breakdown in the Inventory Quantity Movement and Inventory Value Movement reports.

@Brucanna awesome! Thank you very much! We have more than 1000 items on our inventory, so will take a while to put this information into the system, but will work fine :smiley:

@Tut hope this new feature arrive soon! :slight_smile:

Sorry… I just reported what is working for my business since in real estate investment funds the inventory item (real estate buildings and its capex) must belong to one separate account and must be aggregated on top. By the way… do you know how (or what would you do) to depreciate or revalue an investment item?