Inventory Sales

How to Create two separate Sales account for two different category of Inventory to record their sales separately.

Have you read the Guides pertaining to inventory starting at You might also look at Set starting balances for inventory items.

Currently that can’t be done, but when the new feature called Custom Control Accounts is delivered then you will be able. This feature is listed as #1 on the roadmap of developments .


Are you saying that the custom control accounts will allow me to do say the following:

Inventory - Laptop Sales
Inventory - Computer Sales

etc etc! If so, this will be a welcome addition to the program as I have wanting this functionality for a long while!

That’s the understanding - anything that currently operates via a control account will be able to have groups (sub-control accounts) within that control account:

Cash at Bank- will be able to have the Credit Cards/Overdrafts allocated to BS Liabilities
Fixed Assets - could be grouped as Fixtures & Fittings, Motor Vehicles etc.
Inventory on Hand - the items could be grouped as the user defines

Unsure if the P&L Inventory Sales “groups” will flow directly from the Inventory on Hand “groups” or be able to be created independently. If Inventory On Hand - “Computers” could become Inventory Sales “Desktops” and Inventory Sales “Laptops”.

As you can imagine, this is a significant change so the programming and testing would be very time consuming so the release is - how long is a piece of string? Also, will it be released one control account at a time or all together - another piece of string

That explanation helps. I never really understood the difference between custom control accounts and sub accounts, but having set up my summary page with Sub accounts and seeing how I can divide the inventory into groups (via custom control accounts) I see now the difference. Hopefully it will come soon, so I don’t have to change too much in my accounts as I would like to break up the inventory sales and purchases so that I can follow what I spend money on and make money on.

Thanks for explaining it to so well.