Multiple Server in One PC

Is it possible to run two different Manager_Server (two license) in one PC (one IP address) ?

If possible, how?

Yes use VMWare (ESXi) to host multiple instances of manager on one piece of hardware. If you are already on some OS consider VBox. I am not sure what your plan is with one IP and and multiple manger systems. We will need more information on what you are attempting to achieve. This question is technical in nature and this forum is not really the place for it.

Well, Lets simplify the scenario.

Assume, I have two manager server license.

1. Manager-A (for my business)
2. Manager-B (for my customers business. Assume, I am reselling)

And, I have one PC & one IP address.

Is it possible to run both server on single PC?
If yes, then-
Is it possible to assign different port for different server?

I don’t know, there should be a way.
Please help to show the right way.

Yes to all questions. However just an overkill to run two manager servers for two companies. Remember each login account is setup to access its predefined entity / company. So your logon will see only your business and other client logins will see their respective businesses.

I know the details of permission & access control of manager.
And yes, it’s not necessary to have two different manager server.

But, the fact is I have to do it.
Is there any way?

From command line help:


mono ManagerServer.exe [options]


-port [number]     Set port on which HTTP server should listen on.
-path [directory]  Set directory where Manager should look for data.


mono ManagerServer.exe 
mono ManagerServer.exe -port 80
mono ManagerServer.exe -port 80 -path "/.local/share/Manager"

Would you please explain a bit?

You can setup multiple Businesses inside Manager and create Client (restricted) users to only see their business databases. But you couldnt assign their user Administrative privileges because then they’d be able to look into all the other Business running on Manager.

Otherwise you would need to setup virtual machines running on the single host PC.
Each virtual machine could be running Manager on Ubntu Linux, however you would also need to setup the virtual host network to route their domain name (assuming you’re wanting to allow clients to use their own custom domain ie:, etc). You’d also need to configure your office router/network to send client traffic to that host PC.
This all requires a fair bit of technical know-how - I can help you with that.

Otherwise have your clients purchase the Cloud Version and let the team host Manager for them. You could charge your clients a “finders fee”, or bill them directly (plus a small margin for yourself) and you handle the monthly account fees with


So, it’s possible.

If I install two OS on VMware and run two manager_server on those OS, then-

How could I access through one IP address?
If there any networking procedure, I might understand.

I would start here:

You would also need to update your modem/router to forward the Port 80 and/or Port 443 client traffic to your host PC.

But I seriously recommend you hire someone to set up this kind of configuration. For the not too tech-savvy person, this will be almost impossible, or a really steep learning curve.


Oh My God!

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actually run in one terminal

mono ManagerServer.exe -port 8080 -path “/whatever/user/dir1”

and in another

mono ManagerServer.exe -port 8081 -path “/whatever/user/dir2”

and you will have two instances of manager running. Databases of one located in “/whatever/user/dir1” and it listens on port 8080, databases of another located in “/whatever/user/dir2” and it listens 8081.

No Dockers and other virtualization BS.

Autostart and sending mono process in background is easily to google.

Would you please tell me something about “mono” ?

well, actually do you have running one instance of Manager server running?
If not => Ubuntu this is a good place to start.

About mono =>

Abu_Hasan would still need to forward traffic from the router to the host PC.
The Host PC would need to be configured to know which instance of Manager to send the client traffic to, and which to send his own traffic to.

For what it’s worth, if it were me then I would just use the Cloud Edition.
However, this is how I would go about it if I absolutely had to host it myself.

Manager Server build on either Debian or Ubuntu
Then, much as @koroko says here :- Multiple Server in One PC - #12 by koroko
But do it using Screen for each Manager instance rather than in separate terminals.
@Abu_Hasan will then need to configure port forwarding on his router. (for example, keeping to @koroko 's port number illustrations) simply forward WanIP:8080 to ServerIP:8080 and WanIP:8081 to ServerIP:8081 assuming that it is a requirement to expose both server instances to the public internet.

That said, I would not recommend this for a production environment, and if I were the administrator of it, I doubt I would be able to rest very easily of a night knowing that such a thing was set up like this and working like this.

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I am using Windows 10


I don’t have router. I only have one real IP address.

With all due respects to you, I feel that you are trying to take on too much with this idea and I think that if you were able to achieve it, using any of the options discussed here then you will still need some considerable help with this.

@ThoroughHorticulture was offering you very good advice IMHO when he said:-

I got your point.
Thanks anyway.

And also i don’t know if reselling accounts on a single server edition is legal after all.

If you want to monetize you should learn to setup all those things and charge for the service of setting them up and hosting them to a server of your own.

So for X customers you should have X manager servers running on the same pc, on different ports each. I think Lubos can correct me if i am wrong.

Unless you have made such a deal with him…