Starting Manager as a service on Mac OSX 10.6

Installing Manager Server on a mac OS-X is reasonably simple. I’t basically a local website into which all your accounting get stored. But each time the mac is rebooted, the command nano has to be launched, in the folder where Manager is stored

mono ManagerServer.exe

What is the best way to automate this command on OS-X 10.6.8?
If you have experienced this or if this topic has already been posted on this forum, please let me know where

“launchd” is [probably] what you seek.
That would be the the most configurable and responsive option.

Easiest and quickest would be a shell script and/or Automator app, which you can add to a user’s login items, but would have no recovery if it crashed.

I’d also stick to launching the ManagerServer with mono, rather than nano :wink: …it’ll run better.

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