Prices and Recurring Invoices

So, I have a recurring invoice set up that bills out members annually for their membership fee.

We just increased the fee and I updated the Sales Invoice Items. As I look at the invoices scheduled for next year they still reflect the old price, so I’ll need to update all 70+ individually.

Any thoughts to having an ‘option’ available when defining a recurring invoice for a checkbox to specify if you want it to ‘re-price’ from the current Sales or Inventory item price at the time of issue (rather than keep the price that defaulted from the item at the time of initially defining the recurring invoice)?

I would rather implement some sort of bulk-operations on recurring invoices. Eventually I will be looking into bulk-operations in general and I see no reason why not implement them on recurring invoices too.

Thanks, fair enough.

My thought had been that there may be scenarios where you have an invoice that you’d want to re-price from current item prices each time invoices are created from recurring invoice’… There may be others where you wouldn’t want to re-price. e.g. by agreeing to sign up for x months/years you lock in the price even if the price changes, so regardless of the current price on the item the price at the time of creating the recurring invoice would apply.

Anyway, no problem. I’ve updated them individually.

Did you manage to do a bulk reccuring

+1 if there is any news about that, I mean, some kind of bulk operation to update the recurring invoices based on new price of the item in inventory.

Thank you so much for this great software! :smile: