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I have a suggestion that I think would make our work faster and easier.
I have created a new asset account “prepaid expenses” in the settings> chart of accounts. However, unfortunately when creating a new supplier I had to choose only one control account that would redirect the paid amount to the supplier from accounts payable to prepaid expenses. I have many regular transactions and purchase invoices with this particular supplier and I needed to assign only this specific transaction to prepaid expenses. If I changed the control account in the supplier settings it redirects all previous transactions and that’s very problematic. Temporarily I had to create another supplier account with the same name in order to separate this particular transaction from the others. I think adding the ability to choose multiple control accounts when creating a new supplier account would resolve this issue and gives the accountant the flexibility to manage the suppliers’ accounts in one place under the same supplier account. Possibly, adding an extra new field in the receipt & payment form would help, where you choose the accounts payable> choose the supplier> choose the invoice> and then choose the control account whether to be recorded in the accounts payable or prepaid expenses. Or any other way you @lubos @tut sees fit to do the job.

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please explain why you want to show it in a separate account and not in Accounts payable?
this would help users give you alternate possible solutions if any.

even if there was an option to choose multiple accounts, the supplier statement would still be based on the Accounts payable account. so the result would still be the same when either having the ability to choose multiple accounts or creating it as a separate supplier.

It is the same idea of accrued expenses but in reverse! I don’t need an alternative solution cause I’ve come up with my own solution. But offering the option of multiple control accounts would help a lot even to know what pay and what you have paid already for but didn’t received the benefit yet, without affecting the accounts payables SUM due to Cr amount of the purchase invoice & Dr amount of the payment itself.

ok i guess this is a similar problem i had raised on the forum regarding managing customer deposits. its already in the ideas category.

Well it has the same core idea but different effect and application :thinking:
However, we hope we see some changes and fixes soon :pray:t2:

You misunderstand how things work in Manager. Suppliers are subsidiary ledgers of the control account, normally Accounts payable. Accounts payable are not subsidiary to the supplier. Accounts payable can have many suppliers as subsidiary ledgers, but multiple control accounts cannot be organized under a supplier.

For what you want to do, use Special Accounts. Read this Guide:

See that’s the problem I deal with supplier ABC I have a “supplier” account for him, also, I have to create a special account for the same person, moreover he’s a customer too! I buy from him he buys from me, so I have 3 accounts for the same person that’s absolutely inconvenient, it is very hard to track a particular entity’s records while having three different accounts and every once in a while have to make a new journal entry to rebalance all these accounts as all businesses use netting in their transactions with each other.

I bought $100 from ABC (A/P as supplier) - ABC bought $50 from me (A/R as customer) = $50 remaining to be paid for ABC

what makes it harder if I’m paying in advance for service I wont get till 6 months later after the current fiscal year ends so I have to use (ABC special account) to record it in prepaid expenses and another special account under the same name ABC for accrued expenses. Thats 4 accounts for the same company imagine if I doing this for 20 other companies. It is chaotic to keep track on what has been paid and what’s to be paid!

Maybe my suggestion wouldn’t work but I am sure there is another way to introduce a solution to this issue. I am very sure the the developer have all the knowledge and skills to figure it out!


The developer already has designed a method for prepaid expenses (or deposits or advances—call them what you will). Just post them to Accounts payble and the supplier’s sub subaccount. Read the Guide:

If that isn’t enough visibility for you, I already provided a link to the more elaborate approach of using special accounts.

Yes, when another business is both supplier and customer, you need to create them as both. Offsetting transactions are handled as instructed in this Guide:

The functionality of customers and suppliers as subsidiary ledgers of Accounts receivable and Accounts payable is the deepest foundation of Manager’s design. I seriously doubt you will see this change.

Well that’s very disappointing! Anyhow, thanks man for the guide links I already aware of how to perform it.

Waiting for the next update…

i would like to share my views here since i had been asking on the forum for the same changes regarding handling of deposits and also the ability to link customers and suppliers.

the method explained in the guide is only suitable for a very small business (microscopic i would say) where the amount was prepaid for an order and there has been no transactions with the supplier till the same order was received.
it is not practical to track the same as a discount when there are higher number of transactions. the amount recorded as a deposit would simply balance with the received invoices.

special accounts has its drawbacks when issuing statements to a customer/supplier as there is a mismatch with their statements. this usually is always a headache for me personally as i have to edit the transactions and running balances in a spreadsheet before sending it to the customer or supplier. anyway this was discussed in the topic i had linked to earlier and i am hopeful there would be changes since its already in the ideas category.

there should never be a resistance to change. not all industry requirements are the same. a customer/supplier who is also a supplier/customer respectively for a business is not that unusual. some changes are necessary changes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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100% :ok_hand:

There are instances that a customer can have 2 or more A/R accounts. Say, a company is selling goods and at the same time selling services. Some companies need to separate the A/R for goods from that of services, because aside from the fact that collection strategies are different, such are being handled by different staff. Thus, A/R account is defined by a combination of the customer and sales type.

This is also required for non-profit organizations wherein a pledge from a certain member can be recorded into multiple accounts, depending on the fund category. The same goes to a car dealer where AR for repairs, vehicle sales and counter sales are all recorded separately.

It would really be nice for Manager to be able to have multiple control accounts. If we worry on reportings, well, adding the GL account as filter in Aging, Statements and other Subsidiary reports can help.

@jeffbangquil, you can already do what you want—have multiple control accounts made up of customers. You just need to assign a customer to the proper control account. For customer you want to handle differently, create a customer for each control account and assign them accordingly. This guarantees that you do not accidentally post a transaction to the services account of a customer instead of the goods account.