Control Account not working

I create this account with control account of customer

and then I tried to pass entry of advance received from customer but I’m not able to search my customer.
Why is this so??

I also tried with advance to supplier but again i was not getting suppliers list in the drpo downbox beside the Account name.

Is this a bug of something wrong from my side?


A customer or a supplier can only be a sub-account of only one control-account.
When you want a supplier or a customer to be a sub-account of a different control-account, you have to change the details of that particular supplier or customer. So it is no bug.

You should associate the account to the customer under the customer form. A customer can be associated only to one account.

@Hennie what exactly you mean by changing the details of particular supplier or customer?
Is there any way to do what I’m trying, please suggest if you know.


Here is where you change the details.
In my language “Tussenrekening” is Control account.

What you want to achieve is by my knowledge not possible.

You want to book an advance payment from a customer on a separate liability control-account. It is by nature a receipt from a customer and a customer-account can only be a subaccount of one control-account and not two as you try to do.
In my opinion, the only possible solution is to open a new liability account called “Customer advance payments”. Book the advance receipts on that account and once you created an invoice for this customer, you can reallocate the advance payment to the customer and the corresponding invoice.

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ok @hennie , will try…but there should be such option… @lubos if you can consider this then try to implement this, because booking separately and then allocating is not so convenient.

Also add employee in control account list too.

Thanks & Regards.

When you open the option “employees” Manager automatically opens a control-account “Employees” and you find this account on the credit side of your balance under liabilities.

Why do you want to record advance from customer into different account? Do they have unpaid invoices and you want the prepayment not to be allocated to them?

For eg, we have entered into contract for ₹ 500000 out of this they have paid us ₹ 50000.
Invoice will be issued after the completion of contract.

So here in India we pass following entry:
On reciept of advance

  1. Bank A/c Dr. 50000
    To Advance from Customer A/c (Customer: XYZ Ltd.) 50000

On completion of contract, invoice is issued:
2. Trade Recievable A/c (Customer: XYZ Ltd. A/c) Dr. 4,50,000
Advance from Customer A/c (Customer: XYZ Ltd) Dr. 50,000
To Contracting Charges. 5,00,000

On reciept of Payment of balance:
3. Bank A/c Dr 4,50,000
To Trade Recievable A/c (Customer: XYZ Ltd)

My issue is when I pass entry 2 & 3 while selecting Trade Recievable I get list of customer to select, but while passing entry 1 & 2 when selecting Advance from Customer I don’t get list of my customer as shown here:

@Ashish_Mishra have a look at it demonstrates how to use Special Accounts for receiving customer payments in advance.

hanks for the explanation. By reading the guide I again learned something today.

Your solution is perfect and thanks for my this query but there is some for imprvement which i have suggested in my other Topic related to Advance to Employees.

Thank you I’m closing this topic :slight_smile:

@lubos ,

Can’t you try to revamp this?, if possible from your side.

This is my issue actually, in form defaults can’t we let associate as many as control account required?

This will make manager more flexible.

Also if this is possible, can you add here 2 more list??

  1. Employees & 2. Custom list

Actually I don’t have much technical knowledge so you only know what is possible and what is not, but I guess if this will be implemented, Manager will become much more flexible.

Regards :slight_smile:

No. Customers, suppliers, and employees are all subsidiary ledgers of control accounts. (So are other things listed.) Each individual subsidiary ledger can only be subordinate to a single control account. If multiple control accounts were allowed, the balance for a customer, supplier, employee, etc., could not be calculated, because the transactions would be scattered in several places.

Employees are interconnected with other hard-coded accounts. Moving them to a different control account besides Employee clearing account would interfere with payslips, payslip items (earnings, deductions, and contributions), payroll liabilities, wages and salaries, and expense claims.

As for custom lists, the current choices already include all types of subsidiary ledgers except employees. And you certainly cannot mix one type of subsidiary ledger with another in a control account.

I don’t know what do you mean by this?
Maybe in your country you show Advance from Customer and Customer balance by netting off but not here in India.

Anyways thanks, its your software, your choice how it should work. We can only give suggestions only.

Thanks & Regards.

I mean, for example, that your balance with a supplier could be dependent on transactions reported under several different control accounts.

I think this has more to do with accountants’ preferences than country. Both approaches are valid. If you prefer the separation, that is easily accomplished using special accounts, as has been explained, complete with a relevant example in a Guide.

No, it is not. I’m not the developer. I’m a forum moderator.

How many times i should create a special account?
I have 500 employees I pay them advance every month in 1st week and then make payment to them on 15th. so I should type employees name each and every time. This is time consuming and What if I have 4 tut working in my company how will I get to know to which of these I had made advance and how much?

Appointed by Manager only, then you are part of this project and its your.

I’ll not comment further I think one day this will be demanded by other users too and it is not that it is not possible to do this.

So have a good day brother :slight_smile:

No, special accounts are created only once. But, as you’ve been told in other threads and posts, using the Employee clearing account is a better choice, where your employees will already be listed.

The same way you distinguish between them for payslips: full names, employee numbers, etc.

I recommend not to use special accounts for advance payments to employees because in future any “overpayment” to employee will be automatically treated like advance payment. It will show like that on payslips.

The same applies to customers and suppliers. The idea with Special Accounts is just a workaround until more automated solution is implemented.