Multiple businesses open at the same time


I’m using the mac desktop version, and I’d like to be able to have multiple windows open (different businesses). It would also be nice to be able to have multiple windows (or tabs) open for the same business. Sometimes you just want to check something.

the feature you are asking is available on cloud and server editions of Manager.

have you tried opening the business files directly rather than from within Manager?

I am not sure about Mac, but in Windows you can open Manager tabs in a browser which enables to have multiple tabs open simultaneously.

If I open the file directly, it replaces the current window.

The mac version does not have any option to open tabs or windows. I have my files in a different location (dropbox), not sure if that changes behavior, but I do prefer it like this.

I can open multiple tabs indeed:

To open multiple tabs on a Mac, drag the tab names to a browser window that is already open. Be aware that the additional window updates the database, but not the other open windows in real time. Those need to be refreshed.

This has been mentioned several times in the forum and was covered in the newsletter a few months ago.

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There are no tabs to drag.

I thinkTut is talking about theTabs down the left hand side of the screen


Yes, I am.