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  1. I use two monitors daily in my work. I have business 1 and business 2 both running manager. Is there any way to open the two businesses at the same time on the two monitors. Now i open one and must first close it before opening the other.
  2. I have eye sight problems and find it very hard to read the ghosted gray lettering used. At times i must ask other people to read it for me. Is it possible to darken it slightly or change the color.
  3. In future could the program be changed so that the tab on the left be made float-able. This way you would keep it full width and place it any place, even on the second monitor. Would be a very nice not nessary feature.
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I wold concur with all three suggestions as good ideas. I don’t have eyesight problems, but I agree that the ghosted grey lettering is actually a bad choice of colour as many people myself included don’t notice it until its pointed out. I am still looking for the alphanumeric numbers at the bottom to indicate which business is which file which proves my point - unless you notice its there - you dont see it.

This was only introduced at v17.5.17 or thereabouts.

Not with the desktop edition. For free, you get one user and one business at a time.

As a work-around, click on the mouse button and drag the cursor over the grey lettering. The letters will turn to a nice blue.

Thanks dcVest
I use Linux Ubuntu and get a nice orange color. This help a lot. I just cant see why the gray. Surely there are many people with eye sight problems and find it very hard to read.

This doesn’t work on a Mac.

You are welcome @heldeman.

I think Manager follows modern design guidelines. However, since the interface is influenced by the internet settings on our machines, you may be able to make Manager more readable (but certainly less pretty), as in this example. The downside is that you will be changing the look of all web pages.

Below are the instructions for Windows, from which you probably can figure out how to do the same thing in Ubuntu. My guess is that you will have to go into Firefox’s Preferences, but another Linux user may be able to explain the steps.

For Windows:

  • Go to the Control Panel and open Internet Options;
  • On the General tab, click the Accessibility button near the bottom right corner;
  • Put a check-mark beside “Ignore colors specified on webpages”;
  • Click Ok, and then Ok again.

Hi dcVest, The * Go to the Control Panel and open Internet Options; is not on Ubuntu. Cant figure out where to go, but thanks a lot. Any Ubuntu users know how to “Ignore colors specified on webpages”. I am using 16.04

The ignore colours option is great, however it does cause invoices to print in black only.

I am a Ubuntu user (and previously a Mac user). What most people talk about with some “features” of the windows version is based on the fact it uses the browser to render the application. With Mac and Linux, it uses the mono framework. My initial guess is that what you’d like to do is not currently possible.

I have managed to find a couple of threads about changing the theme in OSX, but as far as I can tell, it’s a compiled executable in Linux and as such I don’t think it’s possible. On the Mac it’s a “package” and apparently there are some hacks available for it.

@d3mad I’ve read that Ubuntu has Accessibility features, including a High Contrast setting. Would using that OS feature change the look of things within Manager?

I just tried that for you… Not really. It’s a mono issue.

I’ve been researching it as well (I hadn’t thought of changing the theme explicitly, I’ve been trying to change it at the application level) without much success atm.

I’ve thrown it out to stack exchange, I’ll let you know how it goes.

BTW, although you know what the default theme is like, I have put it here for comparison. The theme is only changing the box it’s contained in (ie the window border). The canvas is unchanged: