Multi Step P&L Report

I need to split my income and expenditure into Assessible and Non Assessible and was hoping for total for each transfering down to a net Profit/Loss like this:

Non Assessible Income
less Non Assessible Expenses
= Gross Non Assessible Profit/Loss
less Non Assessible Operating Expenses
= Non Assessible Operating Profit/Loss

Assessible Income
less Assessible Expenses
= Assessible Profit/Loss

Non Assessible Operating Profit/Loss
plus Assessible Profit/Loss
= Net Profit/Loss

but I can’t seem to prevent the totals from adding to the previous total (hope that makes sense) searching the forum for assistance - there seemed to be a setup guide for this and it mentions the ability to setup sub totals which is what I need but the link is not resolving now?

Is this possible and is there a guide on how to achieve this?

This layout is not possible. Totals will be added to previous total. That’s why the P&L is called multi-step. Each step will add profit/loss to previous step until the final step which is final profit/loss.