EBITA - Chart of Accounts

Is there any way to have sub-total in P&L statement?
I would like to see Earning Before Income Tax & Amortization (EBITA) and than less amortization and income tax and it finnaly gives me net earning.

This way I will be able to see operational profitability and than net income/loss.

Less Operating Expenses
EBITA =(Income - Operating Expenses)
Less Non-Operating Expenses
Net Income(Loss) = EBITA - Non Operating Expenses

Please help.

Yes, use “New Total” where ever you need sub-totals.

Have a look at the Chart of Accounts of the sample company Northwind. It is a good guide to accomplish what you want.

I tried new total but couldn’t configure the way I want it.
I will look at the sample company.

Take note of how the Group and Total accounts are numbered.

Yes that’s what I discovered.
I was able to do what and how I wanted to see P&L.

There is also a Guide illustrating this concept: https://www.manager.io/guides/how-to/build-a-chart-of-accounts. See the section labeled Add totals next.