Error in multi-step profit and loss statement totals?

I’ve created a new multi-step profit and loss statement. All the subtotals are correct, and so is the income total, but the expense total is not correct. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, would it be possible to add a grand total to the report, showing the net profit or loss?

If you still have that report available, your software is very much out of date. You should update.

@JoggingJules without a screenshot of the chart of accounts structure used (or Summary tab P&L) it’s hard to see your problem. The report by default has a grand total but this only shows on the Summary tab not under Settings - Chart of Accounts. However if you have a specific grand total wording you want, then add that under Chart of Accounts and that will replace the default.

Under About Manager, you can advise your current addition number.

Thanks to @Tut and @Brucanna for your replies.

The problem is academic as I’ve now updated my Manager software and multi-step has disappeared, as I discovered in Multi-step income statement.

And incidentally, I’m pretty certain the problem was I’d tried to create a structure too complex for Manager to handle and it reacted by giving random figures.

The current Settings - Chart of Accounts has a lot of flexibility and it would be interesting to see if your structure is too complex for Manager.

Multi-step Income Statement is still there but it is now user designed

I seriously doubt random numbers would result from an overly complex chart of accounts. If the program couldn’t handle it, it would refuse the update.

@Brucanna, @Tut Ha ha, maybe “too complex” is slightly overstating the case!

I’ve spent today trying to figure out what went wrong. It turns out it was entirely my own fault! :astonished:

I’d not correctly coded the chart of accounts - partly because I’d tried to make it too complex. When I simplified the structure it was easier to see my mistake, and voila, everything was great again!

Thanks for your support, and also for a great product. :fireworks: