Multi Sales Invoces, Purchace Invoices, and Tracking Codes

I use desktop version to handle my clients’ records. Currently, Sales Invoice only can be created for one type of Invoice, one debited account (AR) and one credited account (Sales) - it’s also required for setting Purchase Invoice. We can’t create multi type of sales invoices for multi AR and Sales accounts. For exp: if we want to create sales of goods and services in two different types/categories: one for goods and one for services, we can’t do that. I hope it will be developed for multi sales and purchase invoices

For list of tracking code, it’s ok. But we can use only one tracking code for PL report. I Want it will be developed into multi tracking codes. For exp, if we want to create sales report for product type and department / salesman type in PL, we can do that just one click.

Unless I misunderstood something, you can have an invoice with more than one income account. Just click Add line to add more line items.

You are correct about this. I might add multiple dimensions to tracking codes or do something else to address this issue. But this long-term goal.