Is it possible to have two types of invoices under same company?

For Example
We cant able to Enter Servicing details in Sales invoice and vice versa.
Is it possible to have two invoice options under same name ?
One for Service and
Another for Sales ?
so that we can track Service Details too via manager

All you have to do is create another income account with a title like Service Sales and allocate service invoice line items there. They can be mixed on the same sales invoice with sales of products if you want.

Why can’t you enter servicing details in sales invoices ?
On a sales invoice you can enter inventory sales or servicing sales or a mix of both inventory & servicing sales

It’s how you enter the detail that enables the tracking within Manager, not the type of invoice.

The format , taxing and content differs in service receipt

Have you read this guide?

There is no reason whatsoever you cannot invoice services. Thousands of Manager users do so every day. Tax codes are applied to individual line items, so you can mix products subject to one tax code with services subject to another on the same invoice.

You might also like to create non-inventory items for your service billings. I use them on every sales invoice.

thank you