Multiple Purchase Invoice and Single Sales Invoice

We are a travel agency and we sell holiday packages. How is it possible to create an individual record for the file? For an example, when we sell a holiday package to a client we sell it in total sum figure and if we have multiple costs for the same with our different vendors like for visa, ticket, tour, hotel, etc. how can we have a distinct category of the purchase which is involved with the similar sale. I hope you find this clear. :slight_smile:

your question is not clear. what file are you talking about?

I agree with @sharpdrivetek

Are you describing a record of a customer, a supplier, a transaction with them (invoice, payment/receipt), or package you sell (non inventory item).

I thought it would be saved in the draft and it was not completed and just saw the notification when you replied it so have completed the query above. Hope that is clear :slight_smile:

If you trying to keep track of the costs associated with each sale of a package holiday, then you could use tracking codes for that - see the guide Tracking codes

Not quite sure why you need to micromanage the business like this but thatโ€™s your choice

  • In invoice or receipt can have costs allocated to multiple accounts.
  • An invoice can be cloned
  • Or you can create an non inventory item

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