Sales and barcode invoices

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A. I have a problem with a sales invoice:

  1. Are there other options for making multiple invoices at once?
    Now to make large amounts of invoices I still have to make one at a time. If possible, an option can be made on the sales invoice with the same goods / services for many buyers.

  2. Every month I issue a routine sales invoice for my customers, but the invoice does not automatically list the period of the month.
    Invoice for 1 Rice Service in January 2019
    Invoice 2 Rice Services in February 2019
    Invoice for 2 Rice Services in March 2019
    So I don’t need to edit invoices to add periods.

B. Is there a feature possible to print invoices together? Now to print the invoice must be one by one, this becomes very long because every month I publish more than 100 invoices that must be printed at the same time.

C. Is it possible for a feature to store a database of item codes but separate from the inventory feature that can be connected with a barcode reader? this also helped me to issue invoices.

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Clone one invoice and change the customer. Avoid labeling invoices with dates in description fields. Instead, try something like “Rice service for month ending on invoice date shown above”

Not yet.

No. But many barcode readers function like keyboards, so that scanning a barcode while the cursor is in the item field will return the desired inventory item. This is an equipment question, not one related to Manager.

Well, I consider that.

Not. I did not ask for equipment.

But I suggest it would be better to provide a database to store code and descriptions other than inventory. so if you make an invoice do not always type repeatedly but simply scan the code with a barcode.

After I learned more about what I needed,

Now it can be filled with non-inventory items

thank you