How to handle several types of SALES?

Hi, I am new to Manager. By law in our country, we must declare exports sales and local sales apart. For both sales types we use inventoried items. When creating any sale invoice (local or export), Manager loads the income account “inventory-sales”. Is there some way of creating two accounts “inventory-sales-local” and “inventory-sales-export” and define for each invoice which one to use? Income would be the sum of the two types. Thanks & best regards.

You would need to use tracking codes for this. Create two tracking codes - local sales and exports sales and then define each sale item to whichever tracking code you need.

Thank you. It is a good way to separate sales types. However, it will appear as a unique line in reports, right ?

Create a test business. Make some sample entries. Look at the reports you are interested in. See what happens. That way, you won’t be corrupting your actual business records.

Reports allow you to view accounts by tracking code or without tracking code so either way.