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I got a question and didn’t find an automated solution elsewhere on the forum.
The one that comes close is: Multi Page Invoice: Sub-Total of the last page to the next - #4 by AntonisV

Sometimes I have invoices that span more than one page. When I look at the structure of the invoice lines and the summary, I would like to have expanded this with the so-called ‘transport’ or ‘transfer’ of money. This means that you continue on the next page with the amount of the previous page. Attached an example.

At the end -so the last page- you get the normal summary / summary in terms of subtotal, VAT, total, etc.

To my surprise, this is not included in, although I think it would be a very welcome addition.
This gives IMHO that little bit of a professional look.


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I have solved that one in the past with an extension and a custom invoice. But I don’t know If it will be future proof because they are both obsolete features. Probably its better to wait for a replacement first.

Would appreciate if you could share the code. It’s always nice to learn new solutions.


Thanks for your reply. Would you please share with what kind of extension and/or code and/or template you were able to manage such?

Just creating a manual line each time is IMHO very time consuming and isn’t what I expect from

Will such feature request been developed by by breaking ties with manual codes or templates soon?

Many thanks in advance.

@AntonisV could you please share your extension code…

Can you share the code?

I can’t share a 1000+ lines theme code…

Στις Τετ, 2 Αυγ 2023, 20:48 ο χρήστης Mark via Manager Forum <> έγραψε:

No problem. I was just curious about your solution.

Can you share code for extension only? Extensions generally have fewer lines than themes…

I 'm sorry but I cannot. My response is to inform you that it can be done using these two, now obsolete, features.

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