Invoice into two or more pages

When I have an invoice that is larger than one page, it is not neatly split into two pages.
Can you solve this problem please.
I use version 17316
Thanks in advance.

Post a screen shot showing what you mean.

I mean if I’m going to print my invoice.
If I have an invoice that is larger than one page, it is not printed properly on multiple pages.

As I said, post screen shots. Saying it doesn’t print properly doesn’t explain your problem.

see example,
This is a single invoice which is divided over three pages

Your problem is still not clear. Your first screen shot shows what appears to be the end of the invoice, including the final line for “ma di wo” for 30,00. Your second screen shot seems to show the top of an invoice, with no indication of whether this is a first page or a following page. Your third screen shot shows the title and logo only, again with no indication of which page it is from. Your fourth screen shot appears to show the bottom of the same invoice as the first screen shot, but cuts off some of the Notes field.

What do you believe is incorrect? And can you post shots that show the entire invoice pages?

This is printed when I use the print button.

It looks like you printed using the Print button. Try creating a PDF using the PDF button and printing the PDF. You will discover Manager prints a complete heading on the second page. Manager has no control over how your printer driver paginates. To maintain control, you must use the internal PDF generator.

that works, thanks