Multi Businesses with separate logins

Hi, new to Manager looking at using the Cloud edition. We have one ‘Parent’ business with several ‘branches’ at different locations. There is no inventory it is for the Parent business to view P&L Balance Sheet and reporting. 1.) Can the Parent business set up multiple businesses for each of the branches and have each branch enter their transaction data with staff having a separate login and settings. 2.) can each branch business operate the Manager independently with only having the ability to view their own branch in Manager. 3.) does each business/branch have their own application data folder for backup, or is this linked to the Parent business data folder?

Answering by your numbers:

  1. This is actually three questions. The answer to all is yes. But I don’t think you understand what you have asked. I don’t think you really mean separate businesses, but separate divisions. If you set up divisions, settings will be shared.
  2. Yes, but again, you probably don’t mean separate businesses.
  3. All businesses set up under one account will share a single application data folder, but not the same data file. Separate divisions would share a data file.

Each branch operates independently and would require separate reporting features for each branch, also individualized forms of invoicing templates.
The terminology of set up multiple businesses comes from the home page - perhaps if you could explain the steps to add the branches to the main business paying the subscription to Cloud Edition please, would be greatly appreciated? I assumed ADD Business feature.

Unlimited Businesses & Users
We don’t charge per business or per user. Other cloud accounting solutions will charge you separately for each business you have in cloud. With Manager, you don’t get charged extra for multiple businesses.

In principle any business is a legal entity that is legally required to be registered and pay taxes. They often have their own bank accounts, etc. Some considerations in relation to Manager:

  1. So if these businesses are independent in legal sense then you should create for each of them a separate business in Manager. There is no way Manager will be able to aggregate the information in a hierarchical setting with Main business that draws from Satellite businesses. However one could manually enter the results reports for such main business so these will be at aggregate level.

  2. In the instance where the Main business has entities that operate almost independently but where they are part of the same legal structure and tax-reporting of a single business then you should use Divisions, see Create and manage divisions | Manager I quote:

Manager users also find them helpful for monitoring financial performance at different geographic locations

Thank you @eko that makes sense now. I am new to Manager so terminology was a bit confusing.
Many thanks for both replies. Excellent and quick responses are appreciated.

You should download and install the desktop edition and create test businesses or a business to explore the features to see if the program will do what you want.