Multiple users for business with several branches

We are a voluntary organisation and considering using the cloud edition as our Financial Management System. We have 35 branches.
Can each branch treasurer have a log in for just their branch without access to the other branches & the head office accounts?
Can the head office treasurer have access to view all the accounts for all the branches?
Can all the branch accounts be consolidated automatically or is this something that has to be done manually?
Thanks - lisa

Everything you ask about can be done using divisions and user permissions. Read the Guides on those topics.

Thank you I really appreciate your time with this.

thats new for me. i just checked user guide and unable to find it.

Can you please guide a little we can assign user to divisions and allow them to access data relevant to tat division only.

As far as I know Manager Users can be assigned to Businesses but not to Divisions. There are also no Custom User Permission in Settings for Divisions. Nor do we have granularity in user-definitions with more than the current (1) Admin (would be Head Office Treasurer and (2) User layers (would be Branch Treasurers).

Therefore I do not think that Manager at this stage can do what you want.

[Added: Please note this is about “Manager Users” not “Business Customers and Suppliers”]

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@Mark, yes Customers and Suppliers can. We talk about Users here.

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Hi@Tut, kindly guide us the process of assigning user with their respective Divisions in an organization in - this would be an awesome feature if available ?

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Division and Accounts permission Management features are not available.

That is not what I said could be done. I answered specific questions.

Deat Tut, Please read question again and let us know how its possible.

@Abeiku and I already posted that this is not possible.

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looks like there is some missunderstanding, from tut’s answer , me and some others were under impression that users can be assigned to divisions.

as its not available now, its good to have this featur in future.

@Mian_Waqas_Azfar take a look at this topic Division Settings For Restricted Users (hide codes from restricted users)

It is already under ideas, I’m also looking forward to seeing it added :pray:t5:. @lubos knows the benefits of adding this feature (restricting access to divisions). Let just keep our fingers crossed.

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I think I have similar situations as yours. This is what we’ve been doing so far.

We created 1 business in Manager for the head office and several businesses according to the number of our branches. We made divisions in the head office business, named with each branch. Then, we created users accordingly.

The head office treasurer has access to view, create, edit and delete transactions of all branches as well as the head office. We set a limit for each branch treasurer to view and create transactions in line with her/his access rights to designated branch for her/him. Of course, you can set your own limit for each of your branch treasurer.

To be honest, this is not our ideal scenario because we have many businesses in Manager. We’d like to work together on 1 business. If each user could have limited access to each division as proposed by @Abeiku, then we might be able to create only 1 business in Manager for all branches.

Anyway, we need to entry some transactions two times under our current scenario; particularly ones that involve head office and branch accounts respectively. Our finance report is another tricky issue because we have one, created from the head office account with several divisions, and others, created from all branches.

That’s our experience with Manager for now.

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