Multiple branches

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We currently have 2 branches, can each branch use the Desktop Edition.

Then the main branch will be the to consolidate the financial report?

No. Using the desktop edition, each branch would have to create a unique company. Even if the companies are backed up and imported at the main branch, there is no capability to consolidate branches.

You should use either the server or cloud editions, depending on your IT infrastructure capabilities. You can use tracking codes to record accounts for the separate branches.

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If your IT capabilities limits you to the Desktop edition then the topic below did discuss different “consolidation” options

Wait… but desktop edition do have tracking codes. So, what is the difference between server or cloud editions and the desktop edition in that aspect? Is there any possibilities of using any kind of module or something like that in server or cloud editions for branches apart from tracking codes?

In server/cloud edition you are able to input data from multiple locations at the same time. This is not the case for desktop edition.

When you will use Desktop edition you will have two separate businesses and it will take additional work to consolidate their results (e.g. via Excel).

When you will use Server/Cloud edition you will be able to input data in same database, use tracking codes to track separate branches performance but at the same time you will be able to see “consolidated” result without additional hassle,

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You are right. I did not think about the factor of people entering data in separates databases / locations. Cloud edition would be less hassle and convenient for this case.

Can we use different logo for different businesses under the same company (chart of accounts)?

You should create two different themes with hard coded logos