More than one business?

hello, am new here so I want to know if this software allows for more than one business

When you launch the program, there is “Add Business” button. Use it to create as many business entities as required. There is no limit.

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Looks great. Is a separate database created for each company so that you can have independent charts of accounts, tax rates, etc?

Yes, every business entity is in its own database and completely isolated from others.

Apologies for picking up a 5 year old thread … we are looking at using your cloud offering, and wanted to know if it is still the case that you can add as many businesses as required.

Our use case is that we can have up to 100 clients, although they do not last long. Most would not see a full financial year cycle.

its still the case. you can add any number of business.
you can find the same mentioned on the website.

thx for fast response !