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Complete long shot here, but we have been long time users of xTuple and I think it’s fair to say, come to the end of the road with it. Manager Cloud Edition looks like the right way forward for us in terms of feature set, but I have a question about data migration - is there any way to import our historic data from xTuple (or to ask a broader question, manually import data), or will we be starting from scratch?

Can provide more details as required but hoping someone out there knows something about this topic.

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The short answer is there is no automated data transfer. The easiest is not to try to do it at all.

To properly answer your question more information is required as it depends on what you are using Manger to do, what you want to bring across, how much you are willing to invest to achieve it, and your abilities.
This post may get you started

@a24james, businesses rarely migrate entire historical records from one accounting system to another. Data structures vary, and such migration generally requires custom software. The expense is seldom justifiable.

Manager’s migration philosophy is to set up starting balances matching the closing balances in the former system, usually at the beginning of a new accounting period. See

Batch operations may be helpful in bringing across customer and supplier information. See But recreating your accounting history means duplicating every transaction ever entered—quite a daunting task.

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