Can we import data from one buisness to another

Hello!!! This software is really revolutionising my life in a very easy way compared to other softwares available!!! Thank u for a great contribution.

Having said that I was really wondering if i can import and club data from one buisness to another just to cut out the working time? It would be great if u can help me thank u

The answer depends on what you mean by importing data. Customer, suppliers, inventory items, and similar things can be moved using Batch Create. See Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager. But you will need to be able to export them from the other system to manipulate in a spreadsheet.

There is no method for bulk transfer of previous accounting records. This, in fact, seldom works, even between programs of the same vendor, without significant bridging software. But if you are migrating to Manager form a previous accounting system, you don’t need to transfer all those prior records. See Enter starting balances | Manager.