Backup data from WAVE software

currently i am using WAVE software for my company accounting
is there any way to transfer the data to MANAGER

Some of your data may be transferable but not generally the accounting data

Customers, Suppliers can be created in a batch operation but it might actually be quicker to create them manually depending on the number involved

If you are moving from one system to another, you would usually start with a balance sheet on the start date and continue from there. Trying to copy historical data from one system to another is fraught with difficulties and is usually not worth the effort involved

As Wave is free just keep your legacy data there. Setup Manager to how you want it and start the new financial year with Manager. Important is to reflect on what you made change away from Wave. We changed as well but mainly as we did not feel happy to have all are essential finance data in a hosted cloud service. We paid for the server license of Manager and host it on our own server for that reason. We only use desktop versions to “test” things out. Having said that there are many things t like about Manager but some I dislike so I would advise to first just test if this is what you want and also review the industry standard packages to review if what you want meets your needs in your situation.

But it involves significant work. Doing so enables reporting including historical data and demonstrates how your accounting functionality will evolve with time without waiting.

In practice everyone must decide how far back to go and what to bring over.

To transfer data

  • first set up a Manager businesses as you want it, using test data. Noting Manager will be different in some details compared to your prior system

  • Then import what you want to bring across.

  • Most tabs in Manager correspond to an underlying database table. Use “Batch update” on your test database to see the data format required.

  • Use “Batch create” to populate each table, starting in tables without links to others

  • Links between tables are via GUID, found by doing a “Batch update” after importing data.

  • External database tools (such as “VLOOKUP” in a spreadsheet) are used to match GUID prior to importing data with links to other tables.

As many user will not pay (in time or money) to do this. The official position is transfer only the minimum, achieved by:

  • setting the start date in Manager to when you stop using your old accounting system
  • set starting balances in Manager
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