Data Migration

Hello all,

I want to how possible it is, for us to migrate our data from Manager software any time to another solution in the future, peradventure the expansion we envisage becomes a reality.

Thanks as i await your responses

You would need to ask that question to the supplier of your future software

Normally, if you change to a new software, you enter the opening balances using the closing balances from the old software system

as a technical IT Personnel what i am requesting for is a .sql of all our data when the need arises, is that possible because i did not understand your answer. if i can get a step by step guide of how to migrate the data would also be fine.

You are not going to receive an answer about how to migrate away from Manager on the Manager forum.

The fact is, migration of past history from one accounting system to another is generally a very expensive process requiring custom software. Every program has its own structure, conventions, etc.

Manager is probably one of the most open accounting systems you’ll find, and you can access everything you need. That said, you cannot export as SQL.

However, you can access all data either through CSV/TSV export or using the REST API. The API is the more thorough method, and has access to pretty much everything you could need.

Despite it being possible, however, I’ll agree with @Tut - changing accounting systems is usually an expensive / time-consuming process … regardless of which system you are moving from/to. It’s probably easier to just enter starting balances (as @Joe91 mentioned), rather than worrying about transferring data.

TL:DR; You will not be locked into using Manager. But as with everything in life, there is time & cost involved.

No you cannot. Right now you can access to data through API (all) and custom report (partially). I would not consider exporting single view of the modules (.CSV) an option. Both the options are not very practical (easy and fast).

Sorry, this is what I meant (I agree with you) - all data can be accessed through a combination of methods. But the API method has access to data that none of the other options can provide, and is probably the one single place to go to get everything.