[17.8.3] Added "Bank Accounts" tab

As you can see all the transactions are still showing zero.

I sent screen shot of this problem already.

cloud users seem to have to wait a bit till the updates are made regarding recent fixes.

No, you did not. You have provided no screen shot of a transfer entry form. To help, we need to see that and the resulting entries in the bank and cash accounts involved.

@Laxman_Singh upgrade of cloud edition will automatically happen after 20 minutes of not using it. Since it has been 9 hours now. Try again to see if you see it fixed.

This is because transactions are sorted by date, then by reference and then by amount.

You will notice if the transaction for 41,000.00 didn’t contain reference, it would be sorted correctly. I don’t have a solution at the moment.

What I’m considering is that now that Cash Accounts and Bank Accounts are separate, references on cash account transactions will be automatically generated just like on invoices. On Bank Accounts, references won’t be automatically generated since it’s assumed they are generated by the bank.

@sharpdrivetek @Tut the issue with cash account names not shown on transfer receipt should be fixed in the latest version (17.8.9).

Looks good on my end.

automatically generated reference numbers on cash account transactions is a good idea. but what happens when this is a transfer from bank account to cash account? at present the reference number of the bank transaction for this transfer is copied as the reference to the cash account which helps in finding the transaction easily.

thank you. the cash account name appears in the receipt now.

Good idea

Cash on hand Shows in Cash Summary

It indicates that you have reimbursed to your Cash on Hand 328.89, would this be correct ?

This was a bug as the report wasn’t aware of the change. Should be fixed in the latest version (17.8.14)

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I have a problem…one of my bank accounts became a cash account… I am not sure how to move it to the bank tab


That means it was always a cash account, because you did not check the box to indicate it was maintained by a financial institution. You can’t move it. So create a new bank account per this new Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/11367. Then transfer the full balance from the old, incorrectly categorized cash account to the new bank account. Then edit the empty cash account by checking the Inactive box.

@Antonio_Sy currently, there is no ability to convert cash account into bank account. If you have only a few transactions, you can just create the account under Bank Accounts tab and then re-code all those cash account transactions under new bank account. If you have many transactions, you will need to wait for convert function.

OK Thanks

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Hi all!

I understand the underlying reasoning of this change, although in my case it doesn’t have a major impact.

Thing is (there’s always a but for someone) Manager has now a ‘Cash on hand’ (that includes all balance of cash accounts) which I particularly don’t need. So I’ll expose my case and make a proposal.

I setup my chart account based on IFRS scheme that groups all cash and bank accounts in the same control account and I only differentiate those in local currency from those in foreign currency. ie.:


  • Current assets
    – Cash and banks, in euros
    – Cash and banks, in foreign currency

What I did, was to use the default account provided by the software and rename it for the local currency cash and bank accounts, and create a new control account made of cash and bank accounts in foreign currency.

So, the issue now is that I also have the new account on the bottom of my Current Assets group:

  • Current assets
    – Cash and banks, in euros
    – Cash and banks, in foreign currency

    – Cash on hand

I understand this new account cannot be deleted (as other several that the software provides) but there is no possibility to use another Control account ‘made of Cash accounts’ that allows me to regroup the accounts in local and foreign currency instead of bank and cash.


Proposal is to add the possibility to select the control account to be used by the user for the ‘Cash accounts’ the same way we (or I) do with Bank accounts.

I understand that might be a lot of reasons @lubos has done this change this way (and I’m not the one with the knowledge to argue about it) but my point is even though the change is justified by the nature and workflows of each kind of accounts (which I agree) don’t necessarily has to impact in the accounting presentation.

Looking forward to reading your comments. Thanks!