Sort Bank Transactions Order Idea Feature

It is very difficult to reconcile bank statement with transactions in Bank Tab because many transactions occur on the same day, but not in the same order in Manager as on Bank Statement.

Some users have requested a timestamp feature which initially I was in favour of but because I don’t know when the bank will clear transactions and also what order they will process transactions on any given day, it’s irrelevant what order/time I have entered the transactions in Manager. However, I am aware that you are considering this as an option.

I would like to suggest using the same functionality that you can use in quotes/orders and invoices and enable users to move transactions up and down if the order is wrong. However, I recognise that while this would ensure alignment of the Bank Tab transactions with the Bank Statement it still requires users to manually re-order the transactions and the whole point is to make it easy to reconcile the bank statement.

So I would suggest a combination of the two ideas - Timestamp which should help with most transactions on the same day whilst still retaining the option to move the bank transaction up and down accordingly. Or any other option that would enable Manager to align better with the bank statement.

I have abandoned the idea of using the Payment/Receipt reference to do this because this is not the correct use for this field and would prevent me (and other users) from using the field for intended purposes.

Would it be possible to implement this feature soon because it’s surprising how many transactions always seem to occur on the same day!

It can be automated by successive matching on progressive less specific criteria as described here

Whichever way is best. I don’t care how the problem is resolved, just that somehow the issue is addressed. I currently do manual reconciliation, but I may look at doing importing in the future.

It’s pleasant to know that, thanks.

Or sooner. Many don’t realise that you can import daily / weekly (bank permitting), not only when the bank issues statements.