Fix Arrangement of Same Day Transactions

Greetings Manager Community,

• By default, All transactions are arranged by the date. So the transaction with most recent date appears on top and old dates on bottom. But If there are multiple transactions in the same date, this arrangement method doesn’t seems to work very well.
For Example , if i make transactions in this order

  • 1 payment

  • 2 payment

  • 3 Receipt

    here the most recent transaction is 3 Receipt which should be arranged on top of all older transactions. But instead, manager shows 1 payment (oldest transaction) at the top and 3 Receipt ( most recent transaction ) at the bottom.

This does not have any impact on the final balance, but it makes the balance history display incorrectly.

More explanation how it makes balance history incorrect:
I will re-use my example above.

  • First Transaction is payment of 100 this makes my balance -100 (manager shows -100)
  • Second Transaction is payment of 100 that makes my balance -200 (manager shows 0)
  • Third Transaction is receipt of 100 that makes my balance -100 (manager shows +100)
  • Final Balance is -100 (manager shows -100)

Final words : Manager displays same-day transactions in descending order (oldest on top) it should display them in ascending order (newest on top.)

Safdar Khan.

this has been discussed many times on the forum over the years. you can search and read them to get more details.
one of them is below.

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I just read the mentioned thread. That is exactly what i am talking about. They should implement timestamps. It is necessary to view records correctly.

After reading some more threads, it seems like using reference numbers will arrange transactions correctly. Thank You for links to these old threads. @sharpdrivetek

It definitely will. The default sort order is: first by date, second by reference.

Yeah it is working perfectly now. Thank You!