How Transactions sorted in Bank Account


I had entered a number of entries in a bank account.
If the transactions are on the same date, it doesn’t seem to be sorted by the order the entry was entered.
After the transactions were sorted by date, how are the transactions sorted?
I’d prefer my bank statement looks same as the transactions listed in Manager.


They are sorted by date, then by random internal identifier. One way to fix this sorting issue would be to sort transactions by Reference field if Date is the same. I will try to accommodate for this next week.


Thank you very much. I’ll look forward to the next update.
Regarding the reference field (i noticed it but don’t know its use), what does Manager use it for?


This doesn’t seem to be working. I added numbers in the Reference Field but it still seems random. What am I doing wrong?


Any chance of this sort being implemented? I’d find it really handy to sort in say reference order.